house-15So you're planning on purchasing a new home..……CONGRATULATIONS!!

When you are considering the purchase of a home it is a very exciting time and a lot of important decisions have to be made. There are many plans, promises and expectations in the home purchase process. You need Qualified, Experienced, and Professionals working on your behalf. One of the very important steps is having your potential home inspected, which typically occurs once you and the seller have agreed upon a price and signed an earnest money contract.

If you are working with a seller who is not negotiable about doing repairs and/or lowering the price, then at least you know what items are in need of repair. This will help you prepare your budget for repairs on an as needed basis. Also if there are more repairs that you are willing to take on, in most cases you can walk away from the purchase with your earnest money and find another property more suitable to your needs.

We provide home inspection services in Indiana cities including Columbus, Greensburg, Seymour, Nashville, Ninevah, and Franklin within the counties of Bartholemew, Brown, Jackson, Jennings, Johnson, Decatur, and Shelby.